Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Understanding Heart Valve Disease
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Understanding Heart Valve Disease

As the population ages, more individuals are being diagnosed with aortic valve disease, especially aortic stenosis.

The aortic valve is the outlet valve in the heart allowing oxygenated blood to leave the heart and go to the rest of the body. As we age, sometimes this valve becomes stenotic (tight) and doesn’t allow blood to flow freely out of the heart.

While some people experience few symptoms, others will have shortness of breath, chest tightness fatigue and sometimes may even pass-out from this disease. It is important to correct the problem, because over time the heart will weaken from the process.

Some patients have aortic valves that leak, this also can cause shortness of breath and fatigue as symptoms. When the valve leaks, over time the heart will become enlarged and weak. It is important in either type of aortic valve disease to stop the process once a diagnosis is made.

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