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Cardiac and Vascular Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a specially designed program that has been shown to help improve the health of your heart and your cardiac fitness. The program offers a combination of exercise, education and lifestyle modification to help you achieve an active, healthy lifestyle.

Cardiac rehabilitation is designed to aid the recovery of anyone who has experienced heart problems, such as a heart attack, coronary artery bypass surgery or angina. You need your doctor’s approval to get started in a cardiac rehabilitation program.

The Valley Hospital offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary cardiac rehabilitation services through its Center for Cardiac Rehabilitation. Services include medically supervised exercise, education and counseling sessions specifically tailored to meet each patient’s individual needs.

The program combines modern equipment and techniques with individual counseling and instruction by healthcare professionals. Our exercise physiologists, nurses and registered dietitians provide a supervised exercise plan designed specifically for you, exciting and valuable education programs, cardiac risk factor evaluation and modification and nutritional counseling. Valley offers a two-phase Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Phase One begins in the hospital. You will be seen by our expert and caring staff during your stay in order to get an early start on taking steps to improve the health of your heart. 

Phase Two is an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program that begins after discharge from the hospital. Our team will work with you to prescribe an individual exercise program under close supervision and monitoring. You will also receive heart health education, counseling and nutritional guidance.

You must receive a referral and an initial medical evaluation from your physician to enroll in Valley’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Monitored cardiac rehabilitation is covered by most insurance plans. Please check with your insurance provider for specific information about your coverage.

Locker and shower facilities are provided to all patients.

For more information, please call 201-447-8227.

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