Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Holistic Services
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Holistic Services

The Valley Hospital’s Center for the Advancement of Holistic Knowledge and Practice is committed to bringing an integrative approach to healthcare which focuses on the healing of the whole person: body/mind/spirit.

Our Self-Healing Through Guided Imagery Program is available to you as a safe and effective way for active participation in your healing and recovery.

This program offers you a simple and easy tool to enhance healing before, during and after your hospital stay. The benefits of this natural mind-body technique may include:

  • decrease in pain,
  • enhanced sleep,
  • reduction in anxiety,
  • promotes relaxation,
  • reduction in the use of pain and anti-anxiety medication.

Additional Holistic Services offered at the bedside for patients and families include: Touch Therapy, Music Therapy, Aromatherapy and relaxation techniques.

These services are available upon referral or request and are used in combination with other forms of medical treatment and available free of charge to Valley patients.

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