Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Hybrid Ablation Fact Sheet

Ten Important Facts about Hybrid Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation

1. New and Innovative for Persistent and Difficult-to-Treat AFib

Our customized hybrid ablation combines catheter and surgical approaches to cardiac ablation and is performed by an electrophysiologist and cardiac surgeon. The procedure may treat patients whose AFib has failed standard ablations and/or medications.

2. Highly Specialized in the Tri-State Area

The procedure is not available at many hospitals in New Jersey.

3. It’s Minimally Invasive

Hybrid ablation is performed through three small abdominal incisions and a few small punctures in the groin. There are no large chest incisions, and the heart is never stopped.

4. No Operating Room Required

Hybrid ablation is performed in an electrophysiology suite at The Valley Hospital.

5. It is Effective

Hybrid ablation targets an area of the heart’s left atrium that is a key site of electrical activity when AFib becomes persistent. Abnormal electrical signals are “disconnected” with either radiofrequency (heat energy) or cryoenergy (freezing). To date, all twenty patients who have undergone hybrid ablation have been restored to a normal heart rhythm.   

6. Patients Recover Quicker

There is minimal scarring, less pain, and a reduced risk of infection or other complications. Patients stay up to three days in the hospital and usually return to work and other activities within two weeks.

7. Years of Experience and Expertise

The Valley electrophysiologists and cardiac surgeon who perform hybrid ablation have been advancing the research and treatment of arrhythmias and other types of heart disease over the past several decades.

8. Are you a candidate?

You might be if you have persistent or hard-to-treat AFib, have failed prior catheter ablations, have AFib that has not been helped by medication, or you have AFib and underlying structural heart disease or heart failure.

9. Offices in New Jersey and New York City

For an appointment, call 201-HEART DR (201-432-7837) in NJ or 212-HEART DR (212-432-7837) in NYC.

10. Valley has a long history of excellence in electrophysiology and cardiac surgery.

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