Valley Heart & Vascular Institute - Why Hybrid Ablation is Effective

Why It’s Effective

The hybrid ablation team introduced the procedure at the Valley Heart & Vascular Institute in late 2012. Since then, twenty patients from all over the tri-state area -- who suffered with persistent or difficult-to-treat atrial fibrillation (AFib) -- have had their AFib eliminated, and their hearts have resumed a normal rhythm with hybrid ablation.

Hybrid ablation is especially effective because it targets an area of the heart’s left atrium, that is a key area of electrical activity when AFib becomes persistent, though is not particularly important to the pumping action of the heart. The instruments used – the video-scope, thin catheters, wires, balloons – and the minimally invasive approaches through small abdominal incisions and groin punctures combine to reduce the morbidity of the procedure while maximizing its efficacy.

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